Failure in digital marketing

The cause of the ineffectiveness of SNS marketing was a mistake in the method

Why doesn’t this marketing campaign work? There are many marketing failures that companies tend to make disappointing results that make employees wonder why the campaign didn’t work. Marketers shared the same opinion on why companies need to implement social networking strategies, have Facebook pages, and invest in these things.

So I tried using social media, and even though Facebook got 1 million likes, nothing changed in terms of profits. Sales aren’t growing, there are no new customers, and the business isn’t growing fast.

You might think that you’re wasting money because of financial problems and that you should cut your marketing budget first.

Have you ever thought that this problem wasn’t caused by your social media marketing strategy or industry, but by the people involved in your marketing decisions and social media strategy execution? Large companies that have been marketing in Japan for many years are guaranteed a path to success. We are a reliable company not because we fail, but because we succeed. There is no risk in trusting these companies. Besides, the rivals of these companies offer quite the same services and produce the same results. Does that mean that these companies are doing SNS marketing?

What if you are told that such an approach is inadequate? Or what if these companies didn’t really realize what social media marketing really was and why they needed it?

Let’s look back. Especially in Japan, SNS marketing is relatively new. It’s marketing, but the dynamics are completely different. SNS was born among the younger generation and has been nurtured by young users. If you’re young and tech-savvy, it’s easy to understand the language of social media. If you’re an old-fashioned company with traditional rules that make tops unfamiliar with social media and don’t want to hear what your juniors say, how can you understand and implement your social media strategy?

These companies simply adopt standard marketing theories from well-written texts and expect results to be guaranteed. SNS marketing follows different rules and has different focal points. Customization, psychology, modern lifestyle, etc.

As algorithms and new features change frequently, social media marketing needs to continue learning to improve and meet user demands. A good social media marketing strategy requires flexibility, regular checks, and adjustments by people familiar with social media. The ideal person is someone who spends time researching, testing and updating to always provide the best solution to their clients.

For all of the above reasons, standard and textbook marketing strategies are often ineffective. Let’s take a look at the mistakes that Japanese companies that provide SNS marketing services are most likely to make.

Focus only on vanity metrics

Vanity metrics ( number of likes on Facebook pages and number of followers on Instagram) are attractive at first glance, but they can also be useless when analyzing and checking results. A company that says it will have 100,000 followers in a month is almost not a scam. Sure, you have 100,000 followers, but those followers are often people who aren’t interested in the product, and if it’s a fake profile that’s automated to like pages in a particular category. There is also.

Reaching people who aren’t particularly interested in the product is like putting an offline ad on the train. You see millions of people. Investing the same amount of digital advertising will result in more people getting to know your company. But how do you benefit from those people? The ROI percentage doesn’t change because you need to invest more to get to know more.

In digital marketing, we focus on those who are likely to be the buyers by targeting the ideal person. More important than the number of people you can reach is the number of people you can get involved with. If you create a community of people who are interested in a brand that talks about your company and shares information, you can make connections with them. These followers like, comment, and share will help you build trust and reach new customers.

There are more conversions on pages with 40 likes per post, even with only 5000 followers than on pages with 100,000 followers and only 5 likes per post.

Sell, sell, sell! !!

SNS is a place of entertainment to use in your spare time. It’s not a shop. It is said that SNS marketing can increase sales, but that doesn’t mean that you should just post commercials about your product as if you bought a space for magazine advertisements. In fact, if you do this, the prospective customers will get bored and leave.

I use social media to keep track of new trends, find interesting topics, and learn something in my spare time. We have to provide such content because we expect interesting, useful and informative content.

Build a community by giving something (entertainment or information) for free and it will catch your eye. By generating interest in your product rather than selling it directly, you’re motivated by social media users, trusting your brand, and convincing them to buy what they offer.


Each company is different. We do business in different fields, have different types of customers, and have different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, each company needs a dedicated SNS strategy based on its business plan and in line with its values ​​and vision. SNS marketing is a method to convey and strengthen the image of a brand. How do you make a difference with your rivals without this? A good social networking strategy expands your corporate identity, attracts new customers, and retains existing ones.

In addition, generalizing marketing targets is a big mistake. With SNS, you have the opportunity to communicate in a tone and communication style that can persuade a specific subject. The standard style of reaching everyone is boring and uninteresting, but identifying these targets and adopting strategies guarantees better results. Targeting is the key to success.

Try to get results right away

Real, organic growth takes time. This applies to both numbers and conversion rates. As mentioned earlier, social media is part of the sales funnel. It’s a place to give input to prospects, encourage action, and create needs that you didn’t realize or had before. The time it takes for a user to get to know your company and make a purchase depends on how effectively they want or realize what the company offers.

Evidence of a successful strategy will only come in a few months. We will start by comparing the data with the first report. After a period of testing and optimization, you will see more results.

Immediate results, such as spikes in followers and site links, are not very useful. As I mentioned earlier, high numbers are not equal to value. This type of rapid growth gained without growing a community is often unsustainable in the long run. In this case, the next marketing company will ask if you want to keep this growth and start over. Not only will the previous strategy be useless, but you will have to make extra investments to correct the previous failure.

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