How to choose the right influencer

Influencer marketing has become widely used as one of the most effective tools for digital marketing strategies.

However, before choosing an influencer, it is important to understand which type of influencer is suitable for a particular case in achieving your goals.

Depending on the type of product and goals, the type of influencer that is suitable will vary. While some platforms are better suited for brand awareness and, for example, appealing to new customers, other platforms help to sustain and strengthen your market presence over the long term.

It’s also important to be clear about the type of audience you’re targeting and choose the platform that’s right for that particular type of user.

Instagram influencers
Instagram is the first social network that comes to mind when thinking about influencer marketing. It is certainly the latest social and most used in influencer marketing, and by utilizing the data that can be acquired, it becomes the best marketing method.

Instagram is a social media-based primarily on images and short videos, making it ideal for creative advertising content that can be disseminated by word of mouth and increasing brand awareness.

Instagram is the perfect social to cover different groups of people, collaborate with influencers with a strong community, specialize in a particular niche, and has a potential interest in our products. You can reach your customers.

The downside of Instagram is the short lifespan of content. It’s viral, but it’s time-limited, and you’ll rarely get traffic or results long after collaboration.

Therefore, to keep your attention high, you need to continue your influencer marketing campaign.


If you’re targeting young people, TikTokers is the type of influencer that’s right for your business. Young consumer groups tend to abandon previous social networks such as Facebook and Instagram in favour of TikTok. As digital natives, they find inspiration and information on this social network. Therefore, promoting your brand on this platform will surely attract their attention.

In addition, in many countries, even the youngest users have fairly high purchasing power, or in any case, potential customers can guide their friends and family’s purchasing choices.


YouTuber is probably the most supportive influencer for some companies, and especially for the Japanese market. Video content has always been very popular and generally has a high potential for transmission.

Also, unlike other social networks, YouTube is a search engine, with long-lasting content and long-term traffic and attention.

YouTube is certainly the recommended choice for providing great video content that can be reused on branded channels, but given the amount of work required to shoot, edit, and edit videos, this type of influencer is Generally very expensive.

In addition, video content remains over time, but cannot be edited later and may not be updated after a few years.


Bloggers are a good option as their content tends to be more persistent. Blog posts that review a particular product may appear in search engine results over the years to come. You can also get backlinks to your website to increase your SEO score.

Blog articles can take some time to generate more traffic, not immediately, but in a longer amount of time, be properly shown on Google, and drive traffic. So if you want to increase your brand awareness in a short period of time, this type of influencer is not the best option.

Another nice thing about collaborating with bloggers is that if you need to update something in the future, you’re usually interested in providing updates to your readers, so you can usually update the article.

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