Things to know about Stealth Marketing

What is Stealth Marketing?

Stealth marketing is a digital marketing method that hides the fact that it is a promotion and spreads products and services to users, as you can see from the meaning of Stealth = “secret act”. It is said to be compatible with SNS and has been widely adopted in recent years.

The biggest feature of Stealth Marketing is that it attracts users’ strong interest in the products and services that they want to promote, and at the same time, enables memorable launches. As a result, it tends to be more directly linked to conversions.

In particular, when you want to get the emotional reaction of the user, such as viral marketing (method using effects such as word-of-mouth) and buzz marketing, it is often the case that the stemmer is used. Steering with influencers and high-profile media can be an even stronger promotion.

Product placement, which blends products and services into movies and TV programs and promotes them in a natural way, is also a typical method of stemming.


Low price

If you use the method of manipulating word-of-mouth and product reviews, you can do it at a lower price than placing an advertisement. Of course, if you use entertainers or influencers, it costs money, but it is an advantage that you can start with a relatively small budget.

High advertising effect can be expected

As one of the behavioural psychology of users, it is said that they are more likely to respond to products and services recommended by their favourite entertainers and influencers, and to purchase later, rather than advertisements launched by companies. Influencer marketing has become mainstream because many companies have realized such a high effect.

Expanding the effect by using it in combination with buzz marketing

In addition to posting reviews and product reviews, you can also use buzz marketing (such as running a “gift” campaign, offering special discounts, etc.) to get more information about the product or service you are promoting. I can do it. With a good operation, you can expect even higher conversion effects.

What are the drawbacks of Stealth Marketing?

Looking at the benefits of Stealth Marketing, it may be an attractive marketing method for advertisers. However, make sure you understand that there are many risks involved.

Security concerns

In recent years, users have become highly knowledgeable and problem-aware about the security of the Internet. If it is discovered that a product or brand is being manipulated by influencers, users will be exposed to the same risk of personal information infringement and misuse, and the image of the company or brand will be lowered. May also be connected.

Illegal concerns

There are also many grey zones that can be illegal, depending on how you do it, which is also a big risk for stemmers.

In fact, it tends to be illegal in the United States and European countries. (Example: #ad #adv #supplied #gifted, etc.).

In Japan, there are no clear regulations regarding stemmers, but the Consumer Affairs Agency has established guidelines for stemmers on the Internet. For example, if you post a fake review or review of a product or service that you have never used, you may be accused of fraud. As a result, many influencers have declined Stemma’s offer.

Decreased reliability

The information and word-of-mouth sent by influencers give users a sense of trust and security, and as a result, it is easy to lead to conversions, so Stemmer can also grow potential customers into repeaters and fans and contribute to sales expansion.

On the other hand, users will feel betrayed if they discover that the information is actually being manipulated by a company. If the trust and image of a company or brand are destroyed in this way, it will take time to be repaired and it can be very damaging.

“Burning” risk

If a lot of users get angry or make a negative call due to a wrong stemmer, “flaming” will occur. The impact of fire is so strong that it can cause a great deal of damage to businesses and brands. Moreover, it is scary that these reactions sent on the Internet cannot be easily erased and may remain forever.


Stemmers can be very powerful marketing, depending on how they are used, but they can also be a sword with a sword. What you need to do with the right understanding and strategy is common to all marketing methods, but we recommend that you consult with a knowledgeable specialist and plan carefully, especially when it comes to stemmers.

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