If you’re in the business, you know that sales are everything. If you make a sale, you are doing the right thing. There are two ways to increase sales. Approaching potential customers and approaching potential customers. Inbound marketing aims at these two methods to ensure and efficiently execute digital marketing strategies.

HubSpot is defined as inbound marketing to attract strangers to your business, reach out to leads, delight your customers, and grow your business.

Attract customers

The goal of the “fascinating” stage is to teach everyone about your business, visit your website to find out more, and provide valuable content to these visitors.

To attract customers to your website and increase traffic and conversion rates, start by building an SEO-friendly site and promoting your site through external SEO, paid advertising, and social media marketing.

External SEO and social media marketing are further branched into blogging and content marketing, both of which, if done correctly, is quite effective. Each method at this stage has its own method within the inbound method.

In 2013, tourism accounted for 2.4% of Japan’s GDP. Looking only at Tokyo, it cannot be denied that tourists play an important role in the Japanese economy. If you run a small shop, such as a restaurant in a tourist area, you know that location is the biggest keyword. People who travel look for what they can do in the area no matter where they go. Sightseeing spots, accommodations, and even currency exchanges.

Whether you’re attracting tourists or locals, Google Search can help you find your location quite a bit. If you are a restaurant owner, you can increase the number of customers by discounting advance reservations. Website visitors can learn about discounts by announcing them on their website or social media.

How to attract prospects to your website?

  • Prepare a foreign-friendly website that summarizes important information
  • Create PR content that can be seen before the actual visit
  • Providing simple reservation methods and content in the target customer’s language
  • Post on local business listing sites such as Google and Bing
  • Share photos on social media
  • Offer early booking discounts

The more information a visitor knows about the business, the more chances they have to get involved in the business. The closer you are to your customers in a digital setting, the greater your chances of getting a business online.

Appeal to Reed

The “appeal” phase begins the moment the visitor takes some action on the business for the first time. Work begins the moment SEO, SMM, and paid advertising efforts are effective, that is, the moment Reed visits your website. Website design comes into play when prospects flow into your content.

Having a CTA button, site navigation, and important information in the right place is important to keeping users on your website. Actions that visitors may take include subscribing to newsletters, downloading city tourist guides, commenting on blogs, or simply reading blog posts. To turn a visitor into a prospect, all the content on your website must be attractive.

One way to build a database of prospects is to post gated content. Gated content is content that users will be able to access after providing information such as their email address, name, and phone number. For example, there is a mechanism that allows users to download discount coupons for stores after giving their e-mail addresses.

Use regular email addresses and contacts to increase potential customers. Ideas using email include the following.

  • Send special offer
  • Request feedback on TripAdvisor and Facebook. This is an important testimonial for other visitors to see.
  • Request private feedback to improve your business.
  • Send updates to get your website visited on a regular basis. The recipient may share the email with a friend who will be coming to Japan soon.

Delight customers

When a lead becomes a lead and a lead becomes a customer, give them a discount and get them to promote their business in return.

An example of an email that pleases you

Hello (customer name)

Did you enjoy Tokyo? We look forward to seeing you again, so we have prepared an offer here. You can share the code with your family and friends who are planning to bring it to Tokyo!

Code: XYZ

Of course, you can change the offer depending on the product or service, set a deadline for the offer, or send a birthday celebration to enhance the brand’s credibility.

Once the bond between tourists and local business is created, it is known that tourists talk about their business on their travel blogs and forums, and recommend it with acquaintances. It’s all about getting involved with your business and connecting with your customers to get them to share.

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