Influencer marketing is a part of social media marketing, and it is done through the introduction of companies’ products and services by influencers who have a certain number of followers and are familiar with a specific field. The reason why influencer marketing has received a lot of attention is that the information sent by influencers is judged to be highly reliable by followers, so by using influencers, your brand is latent. It will be easier to reach the customer base.

An influencer is a person who is influenced (= influenced) by the people who follow him/her. Influencer marketing is one of the advertising methods, but it can be very effective because it is easy to be accepted by people, unlike traditional advertisements that are easily understood as advertisements and are easily skipped. Introducing products and services by influencers is much more natural than traditional advertising.

The traditional form of advertising is to use celebrities such as models and entertainers to place advertisements in magazines and billboards. With the advent of celebrities, it will be noticeable to people other than the target audience of products and services, and it will be possible to promote to a wider audience.

To deal with digital marketing, it is easy to think that it is enough to appoint a celebrity, publish the advertisement online, or ask the celebrity to post on the SNS by using the conventional method of advertising. This does not mean that we are maximizing the potential of digital marketing.

Who is the influencer?

Even if you don’t necessarily have the same name as a celebrity, influencers have a lot of trust from their followers, so introducing influencers has the same trust as when recommended by a friend, and it is easier to make a purchase. increase.

According to influencer marketing research company StarNgage, more than 70% of consumers around the world answered that they “have purchased products through introductions on SNS.” In addition, about 70% of teens said they trust YouTuber’s opinions more than traditional celebrities.

In one study, more than 80% of people said they had decided to buy after being recommended by a friend. There is a strong trust between influencers and followers, as it is with friends, a relationship that traditional celebrities cannot build. Influencers make it possible to build that trust by forming a strong community of followers.

Word-of-mouth, online or offline, is a major factor in people’s decision to buy. That’s why influencers can lead to higher conversion rates than models. By appointing a model, it may be possible to get more people to recognize the brand. However, how many people decide to buy it is a completely different story.

Influencer marketing strengths

Consider the following example. Let’s say the model you’re following posts on social media about eating at a restaurant. Looking at this post, you’ll think that this model is posting a photo of a restaurant for promotion at work. That’s why you should probably look at the reviews before deciding whether to go to that restaurant. And if other people’s reviews are good, I think I’ll finally decide to go. I was able to get to know the restaurant through the model and the traditional advertising format in which it was used, but it was the reviews and opinions written by others that ultimately helped the decision to go to the restaurant. It is.

Now suppose your close friend, who is familiar with cooking and restaurant affairs, posted on social media about the same restaurant. If you look at the post, you’ll want to go to the restaurant right away. Because you always trust the friend’s recommendations and you don’t need to look any further (you may even be curious about other restaurants).

Celebrities such as models who make posts that are clearly advertised, and influencers who trust them, are all about the recipient.

Another important issue to consider is the difference in cost. Influencers can usually be hired at a lower cost than models and celebrities. Even if the overall reach of your audience is small, your audience’s high level of trust in influencers and your interest in a particular topic can result in a higher return on investment.

Influencers who are conscious of not damaging the trust they have built always try to give their true opinions to the people who follow them. We understand that not giving out our original opinions just because of our business is bad for our reputation. Conversely, celebrities such as models know that the opinions of the brands they work with are more relevant to their careers than the opinions of those who see the ads, so they don’t think much like influencers. No need. Consumers are well aware of this difference, which is why it’s important to get the right influencers and maximize the potential of influencer marketing.

Currently, there are many agent companies in Japan for talents and influencers. However, since these agent companies are only conscious of their own profits, the company decides what kind of tie-up format is good, what influencers should say, and how to advertise it. , Treat influencers like products. Audiences who trust the influencer will decrease while they cannot give their true opinions.

We’re not saying this is a mistake. Brand awareness may grow, but it’s not just influencer marketing. Think of marketing like wine. First of all, you will need grapes. If you want to make red wine, choose red grapes, if you want white wine, choose white grapes. You can’t make red wine from white grapes, and it doesn’t make sense to say that red wine is bad just because you can’t. Influencer marketing is the same. Before deciding that influencer marketing is ineffective, it is important to first understand the essence of influencer marketing.

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