Why you shouldn’t buy followers

“Why don’t you buy 100% genuine Instagram followers?”

“Why don’t you buy Instagram likes? ”

You may also see these ads on social media. Now that SNS marketing has become mainstream, the demand for “buying” followers is increasing. But will the digital promotion really succeed if it becomes possible to buy and increase followers?

Increasing followers with a promotional account is not an easy task, and many companies are trying to get followers. If you can buy a lot of followers, your account will look better easily, and you may expect more followers in the short term.

However, in the long run, it can also damage your account.

There are a lot of accounts on Instagram with so-called fake followers. Such accounts will be blocked if the user thinks they are suspicious, and the operating company may delete the entire account. If you lose trust there, it will be difficult to succeed on the same platform again.

In fact, the number of followers is said to have nothing to do with increasing sales or revenue for a product or service. No matter how many followers you have, it doesn’t make sense if most people aren’t interested in the product information you send. On the other hand, even with a small number of followers, if you are a loyal customer or fan, the information dissemination there will be valuable and good communication with the customer will be born.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion that increasing your followers will increase your sales.

Follow from fake account = Zero engagement

The followers you purchase are not real users, so they do not lead to real engagement. An account with a large number of followers may seem like a popular account, but the actual engagement status is self-explanatory when you look at the posts.

For example, you’ll find that you’re leaving comments that aren’t relevant to the content of your post, comments in unnatural language, and are clearly manipulated automatically.

As you can see, it’s easy to discover that you’re buying a follower. Knowing the competition puts the other person in an advantageous position, and above all, it inevitably damages the image of the company or brand.

Fake accounts are subject to deletion

In recent years, major social media have tightened regulations on users. The greater the transmission power, the greater the impact on society, so the operating company constantly checks the authenticity of the account and strives to enhance the quality and security of the media.

If a fake account is detected, it will be immediately subject to deletion. Even if you have purchased a follower, it will be lost if your account is deleted, so it will only be wasted as much as you purchased. There is also a risk that the account that purchased the fake follower will not be displayed easily by the algorithm.

Spending a limited marketing budget on such a short-circuit approach may not be a good idea for any business.

Security risks

Often, some of the followers you buy contain spam. The purchaser ends up receiving a large number of spam emails,

In addition, the effects of such spam can expose even the genuine followers that you have acquired to security risks. If that happens, your followers will surely move away, and the trust you’ve lost will probably never come back.

Fake is after all fake

If the product or service that you actually promote is not attractive even if you pretend to be a popular account with a large number of fake followers, it will be difficult to reach potential customers and acquire new customers, resulting in purchasing behavior. It’s unlikely. Many users have acquired the knowledge and research ability as consumers, and the number of users who are simply deceived by the number of followers is decreasing. Eventually, a genuine or fake account, the followers you buy will not consume your goods and services. The followers you buy aren’t interested in your product or service, so you can’t convert or become a potential customer. What’s more, brand awareness can’t be boosted by these types of follower reviews and promotions, and it doesn’t help attract new potential customers.

Caution! Fake influencer problem

One thing to be aware of is the existence of fake influencers.

For example, when considering influencer marketing, there are many cases where you buy a large number of followers and pretend to be a popular influencer, even though it is completely unknown, and cheat advertising expenses from the company. Even if these fake influencers spend advertising expenses to send out, if the followers are fake, it will not actually reach almost anyone. Fake influencers are often difficult to distinguish, and if you leave it to others because you don’t know the influencers of the younger generation, this kind of thing can’t happen, so you need to be careful.


Social media is a very effective marketing tool that allows you to connect with customers and convey the appeal of your products more naturally from your immediate surroundings. If you focus on connecting with your customers, you’ll see how it doesn’t make sense to buy followers. If any method is used incorrectly, it can have a negative effect rather than be ineffective. It’s no exaggeration to say that deceiving customers in particular rarely leads to long-term success.

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